Research Activities: 2012

Admixture Compatibility of Alternative Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Pavement and Structural Concrete

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Sequential Number R366
Identification Number 00043315
Matching Research Agency

Missouri University of Science and Technology, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kamal H. Khayat
Vernon and Maralee Jones Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology
224 Engineering Research Lab
Rolla, MO 65409
(573) 341-6223
(573) 341-6215

Student Involvement

One quarter time graduate student will be assisting Drs. Khayat and Feys on the research conducted at Missouri Unviersity of Science and Technology and one undergraduate student will assist Dr. Ferron at University of Texas at Austin

Project Objective

The objective of the research plan presented in this proposal are: (1) to gain a better understanding about the interaction among alternative SCMS and chemical admixtures in portland cement mixtures; and (2) to facilitate implementation of alternative SCMs in transportation structures. Such information can assist in the encouraging adoption of alternative SCMs in the United States, both in pavement and infrastructure applications. In order to accomplish these goals, the NUTC supported project seeks to:

(1) Investigate the influence of selected types of alternative SCMs on air-void system in concrete

(2) Investigate the influence of selected alternative SCMs on key fresh and hardened properties of concrete designated for the construction of bridge infrastructure


Relationship to other Research/Projects

This is a stand-alone project.


Transportation-Related Keywords

Supplementary cementing materials, powder river basin coals, durability, pavement concrete

Technology Transfer Activities

The technology transfer activities will include a final research report and dissemination of the findings through a national conference via technical
presentation(s) and publication(s).

Project Deliverables

Results from this research project will be summarized in a report
available for NUTC.

Anticipated Benefits

The completion of this project will benefit the national transportation
infrastructure construction and repair business in term of identifying new, alternative supplementary cementitious materials. The benefits can be regarded in two ways: it can be considered as anticipation to a shortage of fly ash in the near future. Thus, similar to fly ash, a benefit of these alternative SCMs is that it can be considered as another alternative way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation by reducing portland cement production and the use of waste materials. As an outcome of this project, the benefits and restrictions on the application of the selected SCMs on pavement concrete and structural concrete will be
communicated to the Infrastructure construction industry.


Project Start Date: 04/01/2013
Project End Date: