Research Equipment Activities: 2001

Structures Laboratory Equipment Enhancement - Hydraulic Distribution System




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Department of Civil Engineering, UMR

Principal Investigator

Dr. R. A LaBoube
Distinguished Teaching Professor
University of Missouri-Rolla
209 Civil Engineering
Rolla, MO 65409
p(573) 341 6663
f(573) 341 6215

Student Involvement

Students will be utilizing test equipment that will be driven by the hydraulic distribution system.

Project Objective

The new structural engineering research laboratory capability will be significantly enhanced by the addition of a multi-task hydraulic distribution system.

Project Abstract

A hydraulic distribution system Model 505.30 Hydraulic Power Unit with accumulator, manifold and check values will be purchases for the new Civil Engineering research laboratory.

Task Description


Anticipated Benefits

The proposed hydraulic distribution system will greatly expand the experimental capabilities of the research laboratory. The current pump was purchased in 1985 and has single-task capability. Today for example, when a long term fatigue test is in progress, the other laboratory activity is at a standstill. The new system will enable multiple tests to be performed simultaneously. Thus, the productivity of the laboratory will be increased.

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Project Start Date:
May 1, 2001
Project End Date:August 1, 2001

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Hydraulic distribution system