Research Activities: 2002

Creep, Shrinkage and CTE Evaluation: Normal Strength Concrete Bridge Deck Companion Testing for an Adjacent HPC Bridge




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Matching Research Agency

MoDOT Jefferson City, Mo.

Principal Investigator

John J. Myers
University of Missouri-Rolla
325 Butler-Carlton Hall Civil Engineering
Rolla, Missouri 65409-0030

Student Involvement

Support for one (1) M.S. graduate student

Project Objective

Determine the creep, shrinkage and CTE properties of the conventional deck concrete in the companion bridge; Data analysis and curve fitting of the data; Compare the properties with those of the HPC used in the Bridge A6130 to gain an understanding of the variation that may be expected in the two systems.

Project Abstract

MoDOT RDT Research Project R-I00-002 "HPC for Bridge A6130 -- Route 412 Pemiscot County"currently involves on-going research on creep, shrinkage and CTE of Missouri's first HPC superstructure bridge. Both the prestressed concrete (PC) girders and cast-in-place (CIP) deck were cast using HPC. The construction of an adjacent normal strength concrete deck with HPC girders bridge provides the opportunity to study the aforementioned properties of the conventional concrete deck adjacent to Bridge A6130.

Anticipated Benefits

The proposed project will offer additional data on creep, shrinkage and CTE using locally available materials in Missouri. It will also offer data for comparing with the existing HPC Bridge A6130 and thus lead to a better understanding of the long term behavior of HPC bridges with and without conventional concrete decks.

Modal Orientation

Bridge performance


Project Start Date:10/15/2002
Project End Date:02/28/2005

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Technology Transfer Activities

To assist in technology transfer, the project deliverables include a final technical report to the funding agency.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Creep, shrinkage, coefficient of thermal expansion, bridge deck properties.