Research Activities: 2004

Experimental Evaluation of FRP Strengthening of Real Size Reinforced Concrete Columns



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Mapei S.P.A.

Principal Investigator

Nestore Galati Ph.D
Research Scholar
University of Missouri-Rolla
221 Engineering Research Lab
Rolla, Missouri 65409

p(573) 341-6223
f(573) 341- 6215


Student Involvement

A graduate student.


Project Objectives

Bridge piers are made with circular or prismatic columns. This project intends to demonstrate the feasibility of CFRP strengthening of large size circular and prismatic columns. The choice of column dimensions and concrete strength level were chosen in order to be representative of real cases applications.


Project Abstract

Since most of the proposed models of strength enhancement of circular and prismatic columns have been validated with small -- scale experimental results, there is the need for analysis and comparison of performances of large size cross section columns including three different shapes of cross section: circular, rectangular and square; as well as variation in the cross sectional area ratio and the height.

In this project, eight different types of reinforced concrete column specimens considering various parameters such as height/side ratio, area aspect ratio and cross section shape; and confined with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer will be analyzed under concentric axial compression. The outcome of these experiments will provide the necessary information to validate proposed models or algorithms for international guidelines as they are applicable to real size columns.


Anticipated Benefits

The successful completion of this project will: a) provide needed evidence for field projects; b) allow the validation of design algorithms for international guidelines such as ACI and fib; and c) set the stage for a comprehensive study.


Modal Orientation

Bridge Assessment


Project Start Date:
Project End Date:12/31/05

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Transportation Research Board Keywords

Bridge Piers, Confinement of Circular and Prismatic Columns, FRP Strengthening, Confining Pressure, Size Effects, Axial Compression