Research Activities: 2006

Graduate Research Training in Transportation Areas Year 2

Financial support was provided to eight new graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in transportation areas within any department at Missouri S&T. In departments where a master's degree is the highest degree awarded, students pursuing their master's degree with a thesis option were considered. Areas as stated in the goals, interests and objectives of State Departments of Transportation and Missouri Department of Transportation in particular were considered for support.  

 Supercritical Water Reformation of Crude Glycerol Solution for Hydrogen Production by Jared Bouquet
 Behavior of High-Performance Concrete in Structural Applications by Jared Brewe
 Modeling of Laser Cladding with Application to Fuel Cell Manufacturing by Zhiqiang Fan
 Reliability Analysis for the Smart Grid: From Cyber Control and Communication to Physical Manifestations of Failure
by Ayman Z. Faza, Sahra Sedigh and Bruce M. McMillin
 Development and Characterization of Multifunctional Composites by V.G.K. Menta
 A Finite Element Formulation with Combined Loadings for Shear Dominant RC Structures by Ravi S. Mullapudi
 Safety Risks of Hydrogen Fuel for Applications in Transportation Vehicles by Shravan K. Vudumu 
 Post-Cyclic Behavior of Low Plasticity Silt Under Full and Limited Liquefaction Using Triaxial Compression Testing
by Shuying Wang
 Miniaturized Fiber Inline Fabry-Perot Interferometer for Chemical Sensing by Tao Wei and Hai Xiao