Research Activities: 2005

Graduate Research Training in Transportation Areas: Year 1

Financial support was provided to eight new graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in transportation areas within any department at Missouri S&T. In departments where a master's degree is the highest degree awarded, students pursuing their master's degree with a thesis option were considered. Areas as stated in the goals, interests and objectives of State Departments of Transportation and Missouri Department of Transportation in particular were considered for support.  

 Composite Hydrogen Storage Cylinders by Jian Chen and K. Chandrashekhara
 An Integrated Damping and Strengthening Strategy for Performance-Based Seismic Design and Retrofit for Highway
Bridges by Kazi Rezaul Karim
 GPR Investigations in Upper Kama Potash Mines by Oleg N. Kovin
 Application of Swept Frequency Measurements to the Embedded Modulated Scatterer Technique by Kristen M. Muñoz
and Reza Zoughi
 Seismic Behavior of Circular Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Under Combined Loading Including Torsion by Suriya
Prakash Shanmugam
 Seismic Retrofit of CISS Column Foundation Shafts to Bent Cap Connections by Pedro F. Silva, Michael Lubiewski
and Genda Chen
 Electromagnetic Modeling of Distributed Coaxial Cable Crack Sensors in Reinforced Concrete Members by Mei Wang
 BTMA Protocol Implementation in NS2 by Yi Wang
 A Web-based Intelligent Collaborative Bridge Design System by Man Zheng